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When Bad Days Turn Into Bad Weeks

Working as a Freelancer is difficult, I am constantly "switched on" looking for new opportunities, keeping up to date and navigating timezones but it is also the best thing that has ever happened to me; my confidence as a designer has sky rocketed, I've learnt more in 3 months than I have 3 years at university but recently I have hit a bad spell, which is what I am going to talk about so you the reader, with whatever you are going through know that no matter what problem someone understands.

For obvious legal reasons I cannot say names but I had been working on a project recently, 9 days working from the moment I got up until usually 3am and had no other client work as I was focusing on this project I believed in so much, and I was in constant communication and when a problem arose I couldn't fix, this client instead of being sympathetic, understanding that this issue I couldn't foreseen nor prevent, refused to pay me. Luckily I was fortunate enough to negotiate a form of payment, and since I have had some good karma but it really did bum me out; this person wasn't recognising not only my worth but the time and effort I had put into it and it made me question myself a lot and incredibly angry too, as how dare this person have the audacity to argue to worth of my time? But enough about them, I wasted 9 days of my time on them already I do not plan wasting more. I am a person who tries to stay positive as much as possible, but in this scenario I couldn't and unfortunately the stress made me incredibly sick, but I am good now.

The point I am getting across is hopefully, you are going to question a lot and feel low when situations like this happen, being challenged by anyone about what you do for a job, the quality of what you have produced or in my scenario giving something your all for it to just not work out and that is ok, coming across bad times is normal it just makes you appreciate the good times more. I emotionally connect myself to all pieces of work I do as I believe that is how I produce my best work so I get more emotional when things go wrong, but when I have a happy client who loves their work that means the world to me and is why I keep going with this job. At the end of the day you need to be your biggest fan as you are the one who will always be celebrating your success and pick yourself back up at each failure, you need to have the confidence each day waking up knowing that you are the best you can be, you are a good person and you are lucky to be where you are today; when you put good out in the world, good comes back to you.

Anyways short but sweet blog post, I have not done one in a while due to being busy then illness, but I wanted to create something positive and reassuring for someone if they are reading and so happen to be having a bad day, there's always a sun and a rainbow at the end of every storm.

Take care everyone.

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