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The Do's & Don'ts of Hiring a Graphic Designer by a Graphic Designer

With everything happening right now, one of the positives of it is I can focus on being a Freelancer, now there obviously the up's and downs of it, some clients being absolutely amazing and some... Well, it makes you question a lot. So I had the brilliant idea of coming up with a guide from the perspective of a Graphic Designer, a guide to get the most out of their service and how you and them can stay happy and even form a great working relationship.

1. Be prepared to pay, even if it doesn't work out.

Look, it's our jobs we've worked hard on our skills there is a reason why we charge the rates we do. So have some money ready, most designers give you 14 days to pay. If you want something really detailed or a big project be prepared to have a big invoice. On the rare occurrence it does not work out between you and the designer, you have still used their time and expertise so please pay them.

2. Have an idea or be open for suggestions

In my opinion, it is fine for you to come to me with no idea what you want it to look like! More room to work with and get creative with it, but come with information about the business like the target audience, style (if clothing) or if you think anything significant to do with the business, mention it! But if you can come with some ideas or some examples of logos you like!

3. Your idea might not work out

Not all ideas translate well from the image in your head to well digital paper in a sense, and that is ok! Just be open to suggestions or have a backup plan, it's not the end of the world!

4. Graphic Design is Global

There are designers all across the world, and you may find that your perfect designer is on another continent... Be prepared for the timezone difference and when it comes to paying with the exchange rate. For overseas payments, I recommend using Western Union as you can use it in just about every country and CashApp which I know definitely works between the UK to the USA.

5. Be Honest

The end goal of any project is to have something the client is happy with 100%, so do not feel like you are being a problem asking your Graphic Designer to make a few more amendments, because you are not! We want you to be open and honest, if you don't like it and want it changed just tell us!

6. Beware of the Bots

I recommend Twitter so much for finding a Graphic Designer, there is loads of us on there and most every day keeping an eye out for jobs, but there is one problem and that is bots. As soon as you tweet you need a Graphic Designer or a Logo all these bots come out of nowhere and spam you, you will obviously get several legit designers but beware. I recommend you search through twitter and Graphic Designers accounts, they'll have their websites/portfolios linked in their bio and just give them a message! You can get a sense of how they work, do you's vibe together etc.

7. Communication

Communication is key and is linked to honesty. Keep your designer in the loop, let them know if any changes happen in the business, if you need the design done by a deadline, specific measurements etc. Also, I think this is so personally important, if you were talking to several designers before making a decision about which one you were going to hire let the others know you don't need their services!

8. Just be nice

Just because you can't see us doesn't mean we're not human or do not have any feelings, so treat us like you would want someone to treat you! Make conversation with them if you'd like if you find out you have a common interest, get to know each other! In the end, you might end up with a Graphic Designer you will always rely on.

So there you have it! My little insight into the mad world of Freelancing. I feel like this can apply across the board with other Freelancers, but let me know what you think should also be added! If you want to get in contact with me my Instagram is @niamhdoesdesigning, my Twitter is @niamhdoesdesign and my email is Hope everyone is well and see you next time!

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