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Self Care Is The Best Care

This blog is all new and exciting! Probably will be a bit all over the place, especially as it is me.

So this week it is technically the first week of the Easter Holidays, went over my head I did not realise till Tuesday; but in and amongst the madness I have been looking after myself this week. It has been a dry week for picking up clients, my conclusion is it's because people are probably taking this week off to spend time with their families so I used it as the perfect opportunity to rebrand myself as a Graphic Designer. It's something that had been in the back of my mind for a while, an itch I could not get rid off. The brand I originally created back in November 2019 I liked, I truly did but I rushed it so I could hand it in as part of a project so always felt like I could improve it, so with this newfound time I got to work, approached it as I do with clients and try to solve the problem. Moodboards are one of my favourite things in the world, I love them and to do one representing me and my style, honestly, I believe it helped my soul in a way.

That Image makes me so happy...

I am so happy with a new and improved Niamh Does Designing! The response has been overwhelming, especially on Instagram which I have seen my followers GROW over this last week, I've had 200+ profile views which to me is just mind-blowing. I also thought it would be an excellent idea to change my website, so how are you finding the new look?

Other than that, I have been looking after myself, right now it is a stressful time and as someone who is classed as high risk and with close family being high too it is incredibly important to look after yourself. I expected an effect on my mental health, especially being quarantined and ill for the two weeks so I had a plan ready and reassurances from my doctor that I have all the support I can get, and I have the best friends, family and in-laws checking in on me and my boyfriend during this time from just messages asking if we're ok to drop off food for us, those who that have stepped up I am incredibly grateful for to have in my life (already was before but now even more) so what have I been up to you ask? Well cleaning mainly, a tidy space is a happy place and Method's Wild Rhubarb products are my favourite things ever, I believe I have turned into a proper adult now? I am trying to keep my creative mind alive and sketching again, something which I haven't properly done in two years so it's exciting getting myself back to the level I was when I was 17, but as well I have been losing my mind over my beauty routine... I had to bleach my hair before a pandemic! Luckily its pink hair which looks rather nice with brown roots, but I am not looking forward to relying on my boyfriend being my hairdresser when my roots get desperate! I decided to treat myself this week and get more hair dye so I am now a darker pink, loving my life and getting back into skincare with more facemasks and serums which I'm hoping to arrive next week, as soon as I get that email saying it is on the way I'll be at the window like a dog, waiting. I have found the best self care though is eating lots of pasta and watching reality TV....

Because who doesn't want to see Kim Kardashian-West be slammed into a wall by her sister with a mouthful of pasta and garlic bread? It is mentally healing!

On that happy note, as my dad says, I am going to end this post... Get in contact with my on my socials or on here! I love to natter! See you later guys, look after yourselves!

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