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New Niamh, New Blog...

I have actually missed blogging!

Hi guys, welcome to my blog part three I think. So I had to maintain a blog in my first and second year of University and I have to admit I did hate it at first... But as the title says, I am forever changing and now I really enjoy blogging so much so I actually missed it.

So the world is a bit mad right now, a bit of an understatement I know but I believe it is the perfect time for a fresh, new start. While just about all of us have to stay in, lets not look at it as a negative but a time to focus on ourselves! I personally have been spending time focusing on my brand, improving my social media presence and forming relationships, I have also been planning on expanding existing skills and keeping my design mind active. Everyday is a step closer to normality but in the meantime, let's make the most of this time!

So this is just an introductory post, be prepared for more! You can subscribe to this blog on my home page of the website, I would deeply appreciate it!

Take care everyone

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